Airsoft - The Combat Sport Taking The World By Storm

Airsoft - The Combat Sport Taking The World By Storm

Airsoft is an outdoor action simulation much like paintball; however you fire rounds of small plastic pellets or BBs.

Part of the excitement of Airsoft is the ability to act out realistic battles, wearing Airsoft clothing, similar to that the military use. While you may think you need a tonne of professional gear to enjoy Airsoft, nothing could be further from the truth. You may see ultra-committed regular players kitted out like a Navy SEAL, that doesn’t mean it’s essential. As with Paintball, most Airsoft fields will have kit and guns for hire.

If you do enjoy the sport and it’s something you feel you want to invest your time in further then you may wish to start to put together your own personal kit. It can be a bit daunting to get started so we have decided to look into what to wear for Airsoft for anyone who needs a point in the right direction.


Protective Accessories

The single most important item on this list will be protection - unlike Paintball, full face protection isn’t always required. Often more experienced Airsofters only use shooting glasses or goggles. While this does have its advantages, being less restrictive and generating less fogging, BBs can hurt! Wearing both some form of eye protection, and a lower fabric or mesh face mask – particularly if you’re a beginner is a great starting point. Many Airsoft venues now require that eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are thoroughly protected at all times and gloves and a snug fitting baseball cap are highly recommended too!


Tops & Hoodies

BB pellets don’t hurt as much as paintballs, but that doesn’t mean they won’t give you a sharp sting, and leave a mark while they’re at it. Airsoft clothing should cover your torso, legs and arms and help you blend into the surrounding area. This is achievable by selecting clothing with camouflage patterns or you may prefer more covert black - especially if you are taking part at night! Long-sleeved T-shirts are probably the best choice of top when you’re just starting out or a lightweight, comfortable hoodie is a good option too.



For first-timers, jeans or cargo trousers are often the legwear of choice. They’re sturdy, they offer decent protection, and unless they’re a brand-new pair of 501s, you’re not going to mind them getting messed up. However supporting your knees can be a lifesaver when it comes to Airsoft. It is worth picking up a decent pair of tactical pants with knee pads to offer additional protection.



Never to be overlooked, what you’re wearing on your feet is vitally important when playing any kind of sport. Don’t underestimate the amount of running you’ll be doing! Whether you’re indoor or outdoor, a pair of training/running shoes is ideal, but hiking boots are highly recommended. A good pair of strong, deep-treaded boots will be ideal for any rough terrain, along with warm socks to keep your feet warm and dry.

Airsoft is a game of honesty, where players shout “Hit” and raise an arm when shot by another player.  After being shot you return to your designated respawn point and then re-join the game, there is no sitting around waiting for the game to end. A fun sport with thousands of players ranging in age and skill - from beginners to casual players and even professionals. There’s a lot of variety in airsoft, so you’ll be able to try different styles of play, types of airsoft guns, and more.

Try something new today, and give Airsoft a go - it may just be your new favourite hobby!