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New Forest / Our new made in gb collection
Our new Made in GB collection

Our new Made in GB collection

You have asked and we have provided. More and more shoppers at New Forest Clothing are showing an interest in the origins of what they wear. While we have been proud to produce British made wax and tweed products since day one of our journey, we are now pleased to present a Made in GB collection on our website, that will showcase purely British made products from across our entire catalogue of industry leading brands. 


Why buy British? There are many reasons to buy British made garments; A lower carbon footprint, supporting the local economy, sustaining UK manufacturing, protection, fair wages and safer working conditions for workers or just pure patriotism. Buying British designed and manufactured clothing has its advantages, and no matter who you are or what your reason, shopping local is certainly a priority for the long-term.


We are now looking to expand our Made in GB collection. Keep an eye out, over the coming months for new products from the New Forest Collection plus our other amazing country clothing brands and give the British clothing industry a boost while enjoying traditional country fashion with a conscience!