Why you should wear a hat this winter

Why you should wear a hat this winter

Most people who spend a lot of time outdoors, focus on keeping their body, legs, and feet dry and warm. While doing this is essential to maintain a good body heat your head is often overlooked. There is nothing special about your head, contrary to popular belief you lose the same proportion of heat through your head as you would from any other exposed part of your body. If you are covered from neck to toe, why wouldn't you want to keep the additional body heat a hat can retain?

The amount of heat you lose from your head depends on a number of factors, including how thick your hair is and how much energy you are using. so when heading out this winter, wearing a hat is the smart thing to do, especially for the follically challenged.

Types of Winter Hats

Before you determine which type of hat is best for you, it's helpful to be familiar the most common hat styles available. Whether it's to offer warmth, reduce sun glare or simply add aesthetic appeal to your country wardrobe.

Flat Cap

A rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front, flat caps are traditional in style and design. Providing warmth, and protection from the sun and glare, flat caps have proven popular among field sport enthusiasts, often worn with a full three-piece tweed suit. flat caps are available in an array of fabrics such as tweed, moleskin and wax.